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Foto of Ryanl in the bathtub Ryan loves his baths...

Ryan reading PC week As the editorial content of Ziff-Davis continues to decline, perhaps I should encourage Ryanl to submit a resume as soon as he stops eating crayons.
Silhouette of Ryan This was done by some dude that makes his living cutting silhouette out of construction paper. Linda said he looked at the kid for about ten seconds, then while talking to her, just freehanded this sucker with a pair of scissors. The level of detail in the original is impressive from the shape of his huge head to his long eyelashes.

Ryan under his toy car This is ryanl's tribute to Daddy's first car. He's always working on the darned thing...

Ryan at keyboard Ryan has a computer of his own. (No, it doesn't run UNIX and that annoys the dickens out of Daddy.) The availability of computer equipment to make Elmo dance and talk is very impressive to those of us that grew up on VIC-20's and TRS-80's.

Foto of Lindal and Robertl, standing next to Tandem Bike.   Ryanl is in the trailer. This was taken in summer of '96. It's the three of us preparing to ride our Yokota tandem and Papoose Caboose.

Studio family portrait of Lipe family. This was our Christmas '98 foto.

Foto of Ryanl, at about age one, sitting at the keyboard. Here, Ryanl is sitting on Linda's lap. He seems to have a strange compulsion to stare at my X sessions. For some reason, autoraise and focus follows pointer is just the funniest thing he's ever seen.

Studio foto of Ryanl standing on a ladder. Studio foto of Ryanl stradding a train. In these studio shots, Ryan is about a year old.